Online AVEVA PDMS 3D design software delivers maximum productivity and capability on all types of plant project, from the smallest upgrade to new build projects of unlimited size and complexity.Online PDMS users range from small engineering contractors to many of the largest multinational process and power companies.

A fully interactive, colour shaded 3D plant design environment Hundreds of designers can work concurrently on a project, in a fully controlled manner, with visibility of the entire design at all times. Designers progressively create a highly intelligent 3D design by selecting and positioning parametric components from an extensive catalogue. Clash checking and configurable integrity checking rules help a designer create ight first time design and enable effective overall design quality assurance. A configurable Status Management function provides visual highlighting and clear reporting of design maturity status of PDMS objects. A standard model library saves design time and effort, by making it easier to reuse designs from existing built-in complex components. Highly configurable, automatic generation of a wide range of reports and drawings direct from the online PDMS database AVEVA PDMS is highly configurable and includes both a powerful programmable macro language (PML) and a .NET API to customise the system and automate key tasks. PDMS integrates with all other AVEVA Plant applications and interface products to form a complete and configurable 3D plant design solution for the power and process industries.



  • Basic
  • General Utilities
  • Create Equipment
  • Modify Equipment

Pipe Works

  • Pipe work modeling
  • Modify pipe routing
  • Piping Orientation
  • Pipe work Utility


  • Beams & Columns
  • Panels & Plates
  • Walls & Floors
  • ASL Modeller

Drawing Manager

  • Drafting
  • ISO Generation

Supports & Electrical Works

  • Hangers & Supports, HVAC
  • Cable Tray, Create and Modify

Reporters & Utilities

  • Spooler, PDMS Commands
  • Report Generation

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