Piping Engineering Course

Equipment Modeling Module The equipment modeling module enables you to model primary process equipment such as vessels, towers, heat exchangers, columns, and pumps, as well as ancillary items such as platforms, ladders, and stairs. Piping Module The piping module is specification-driven, using extensive online piping component catalogs organized by piping material classes to make design efficient, standardized, and accurate. The library contains ANSI, DIN, ISO, and other standards. Structural Modeling with the FrameWorks Plus Module FrameWorks Plus, a PDMS module, is a powerful, easy-to-use 2D/3D structural modeling and drafting program that supports drawing, modeling, analysis, and reporting.



  • Basic piping, Pipe Size, Piping Flexibility
  • Pipe Thickness, Pipe & Tubes, Piping Shape
  • Design & Analysis of Piping & Supports
  • Piping Materials, Piping components and types
  • Piping Insulation, Pressure vessels

Process vessels

  • Introduction Process vessels
  • Columns & Tower, Reactor
  • Separator, Steam drum, Jacketed Vessels
  • Deaeractors, Heat exchanger
  • Storage vessels


  • Introduction, Classification of pump
  • Centrifugal Pumps (Roto-dynamic pumps)
  • Parts of A Centrifugal Pump, Heaters
  • Characteristics of Centrifugal Pumps
  • Centrifugal Pump Operation
  • Centrifugal Pumps - Flow & Pressure
  • Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Selecting between Centrifugal or Positive Displacement Pumps

Boiler (Steam Generator)

  • Introduction, Steam Drum OR Steam Generator
  • Steam Boiler Classification, Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Steam boiler main components and Equipments
  • Coal Handling Equipment in Steam Boiler
  • HRSG Components (Heat recovery steam generation)
  • Desuperheater, Safety valve, Pressure Gage
  • Ash Handling Equipments in Steam Boiler
  • Boiler Sootblower, Common Steam distribution header


  • Basic Drawing Details
  • Isometric Drawing
  • P&I Drawing, PF Drawings, GA Drawings
  • Layout Drawings
  • Symbols for P&ID and PFD

Stress, Supports & Design

  • Induced Stresses in Pipe
  • Circumferential or Hoop Stress: Sh
  • Longitudinal stress: Sl, Radial Stress: Sr
  • Spacing Of Pipe Supports
  • Selection Of Pipe Supports

Oil & Gas

  • Introduction, Facilities
  • on shore, off shore
  • Offshore Plat form, Fixed platform
  • Compliant tower, Sea star (or) Jack-up rig
  • Floating production system, Subsea system
  • Tension-leg platform, Spar platform
  • Onshore Wellheads, Manifolds/gathering
  • Separation, Gas compression
  • Metering, storage and export, Wellhead
  • Reservoir and Wellheads, The Reservoir
  • Exploration and Drilling, The Well
  • Subsea wells, Artificial Lift, Rod Pumps
  • Down hole Pumps, Gas Lift, Plunger Lift
  • Unconventional sources of oil and gas
  • The Oil and Gas Process, Separation
  • Gas treatment and Compression


  • Basic Engineering calculation, Properties of Fluids
  • Introduction, Properties of Fluids, Viscosity
  • Kinematics of Fluid Flow, Introduction
  • Methods of Describing Fluid Flow, Types of Fluid Flow
  • Introduction, Rate of Flow (or) Discharge
  • Continuity Equation, Dynamics of Fluid Flow
  • Equation of Motion, Euler's Equation of Motion
  • Bernoulli's Equation from Euler's Equation
  • Assumptions, Orifices and Mouthpieces
  • Introduction, Flow through an Orifice, Hydraulic Co-efficients
  • Experimental Determination of Hydraulic Co-efficients
  • Determination of Co-efficient of Discharge
  • Determination of Co-efficient of Viscosity
  • Viscous Flow, Introduction, Turbulent Flow
  • Introduction, Reynold's Experiment
  • Frictional Loss in Pipe Flow, Flow through Pipes


  • Steam turbine, Introduction
  • Flow through Nozzles, Nozzle Types
  • Flows In Steam Nozzle, Nozzle Efficiency
  • Flow Area of Nozzle, Condenser
  • Nozzles Operating in the Off-Design Condition
  • Classification of Turbine, Introduction
  • Types of Condenser, Design Calculations
  • Air Removal, Circulating Water System
  • Introduction, Cooling Towers, Dry Cooling Towers

Codes & Standards

  • Introduction, National codes, standards and guides
  • Piping and pipeline codes, Asmeb16 standards
  • Api standards and recommended practices
  • Manufacturers standardization society
  • Pipe fabrication institute standards
  • American institute of steel construction
  • American concrete institute, Nace, National board
  • Flow control institute standards, Materials institutes
  • Hydraulic institute pump standards

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