Intergraph PV Elite (Pressure vessel design & Analysis) software package is an engineering tool used in the mechanical design, analysis & evaluation of vessel and heat exchanger.

PV Elite is comprehensive program for the complete structural design or analysis of tall towers and horizontal vessels according to latest standards from ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, PD 5500 (British Code), UBC, EN-13445, API-579 and the Welding Research Council.

Element types include cylindrical shells; elliptical, spherical, torispherical, conical and flat heads; conical sections (including knuckles); body flanges; and skirts with base ring details. The program provides base ring, saddle, leg and lug design and also includes modules for analyzing vessel components such as nozzles, flanges, base ring and other vessel components.


Pressure Equipments in Process Industries

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Jacketed Vessels
  • Columns
  • Reactors
  • Filters
  • Heat Exchangers

Code Calc and Job Nature in EPC Companies

  • Create Grid System
  • Create Coordinate System
  • Lenior Grid
  • Plan Grid, Edit Grid
  • Radial Grid
  • Add Grid

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design

  • Scope of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer's Association (TEMA)
  • Various configuration of Shell & Tube Exchangers as per TEMA
  • Spacing requirements in layout for Removable Bundle Exchangers
  • Various classes in TEMA (R,C &B)
  • Components of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Purposes
  • Confined and Unconfined Joints
  • Dimensional standards and Fabrication Tolerances as per TEMA
  • Introduction to Section UHX in ASME Sec VIII Div.1 and various configurations as per ASME
  • Acceptable Tube to Tube Sheet Joints and EEMUA Recommendations
  • Interfaces between Thermal and Mechanical Design
  • Design of Tube Sheet using PV-Elite
  • Practice Exercises in PV-Elite for common configuration of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Pressure Vessel, Column and Reactors Design

  • Stress and Various Stress Theories, Design Parameters
  • Components of Pressure Vessels and Fabrication Methods
  • Inspection and Testing in Pressure Vessels, Material Science
  • Heat Treatments in Pressure Vessels
  • Explanation about various Tools in PV-Elite
  • Design Constraints in PV-Elite, Design Codes and their scope
  • Load Cases and Options in PV-Elite, WRC-297 and PD-5500
  • Wind Data and Seismic Data in PV-Elite
  • Shell and Dish End Design for Internal/External Pressure and Practice in PV-Elite
  • Girth Flange Design and Practice in PV-Elite
  • Support Design and Practice in PV-Elite
  • Welded Flat Design and Practice in PV-Elite
  • Nozzle/Reinforcement Design and Practice in PV-Elite
  • Selection of Nozzle Flange Rating, Packing and Trays in PV-Elite
  • Local Loads on Nozzle/Shell Junction
  • Local Load Analysis as per WRC-107
  • Adding Weights and Forces/Moments in PV-Elite
  • Concept of Lining in Pressure Vessels, Modeling Platform
  • Lining and Insulation in PV-Elite, Practice Exercises in PV-Elite
  • Design of Half-Pipe or Limpet Coils in PV-Elite
  • Various considerations in Column and Reactor Design
  • Report generation and errors/warnings in PV-Elite

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