SmartPlant Enterprise solution for the mining, port, power, pulp and paper industries, SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition, to automate the design and modeling of bulk materials handling systems.

SmartPlant 3D Materials Handling Edition automates the design of conveyor systems, processing facilities and transfer chutes to enable bulk materials industries to rapidly and easily create or expand facilities. Specific functionality addressing conveyor layout and detailed chute design is provided in a simple, user-friendly rules-based automation application to help reduce design times and ensure safer, higher quality projects through less rework and reconfigurations.


Introduction Of SP3D

  • Design Tasks, Workspace Explorer
  • Create System, Common Views
  • Zoom Tool, Window Area, Rules & Style
  • Refresh View, Active View Control
  • Rotate View, Looking at Surface
  • Distance, Angle Tool, Style Format
  • Minimum Distance between Objects


  • Create Grid System
  • Create Coordinate System
  • Lenior Grid
  • Plan Grid
  • Radial Grid
  • Edit Grid
  • Add Grid

Electrical Cable Tray

  • Electrical System, Cable Ways
  • Cable Tray, Insert Branch
  • Define properties, Branch Run
  • Placing Junction Box
  • Edit Cross Section
  • Multi way Cable, Insert Cable
  • Edit Cable, Cable marker

Ducting Work

  • HVAC
  • Duct Routing
  • Spiting
  • In line Component
  • Surface movement Component


  • Create Drawing Query
  • Create Isometric Drawing
  • Setup Drawing
  • Save Package
  • Select Filter

Hangers & Supports

  • Place Support by Structure
  • Place Support by Point, Place Part
  • Modify Support
  • Place Lenior member
  • Place Assemble member

Structure System

  • Member Creation, Connection type
  • Creating Beam & Column
  • Modify Beams & Column
  • Using Grid Intersection method
  • Brazing Configuration
  • Framing members
  • Place Column at Grid Intersection
  • Split member, Trim
  • Convert to member System
  • Place Vessels Support, Place Slab
  • Slab Orientation, Slab offset
  • Slab Boundary, Place Opening,
  • Slab create by 3d view, Expand Slab
  • Place Wall, Slab create by 2d Sketch
  • Ladder creation, Modify wall
  • Handrails creation, Staircase creation
  • Place Footing, Equipment Foundation


  • View Orientation, Equipment Editing
  • Place Design Equipment and it's component
  • Place Shapes, Place Nozzles
  • Orientate Nozzle
  • Equipment Coordination
  • Rotate Equipment, Replace Equipment
  • Equipment Orientation
  • Copy of Equipment
  • Reference Move, Move Through
  • Pin Point
  • Rectangular Co-ordination
  • Spherical Co-ordination
  • Cylindrical Co-ordination
  • Relatively Tracking, Reposition Target
  • Global Co-ordination, Point Along
  • Along Reference

Pipe System

  • Create Pipe System, Create Pipe Line
  • Set Default
  • Start Pipe Features
  • Pipe Start from Position
  • Insert Component, Move Pipe Run
  • Dag Pipe
  • Slope Run Pipe, Modify Slope
  • Rolling Pipe
  • Modify Component Slope
  • Insulation Pipe
  • Modify Insulation, Create Branch
  • BOP Pipe
  • TOP Pipe, Pipe Orientation
  • Pipe Co-ordination
  • Insert Valve, Replace Valve
  • Spiting of Pipe
  • Insert tap, Generate Spool

Drawing & Reports

  • Volume Drawing, Annotation
  • Create Associate Drawing, Labeling
  • Create Snapshot Drawing, Dimension
  • Template Edit, Create & Modify Layer
  • Create Detail View, Modify Detail View
  • Modify Dimension

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